Worried about attracting the right audience and converting them to paying customers?

We’ve been solving this problem for brands and businesses in both B2B and B2C sectors via a variety of digital and inbound marketing strategies.   

Given our rich experience in experiential and retail marketing, we intimately understand an individual’s journey from discovery to purchase across multiple industries. This helps us build digital client acquisition and lead generation strategies in a way that works. We understand your goals, as well as your challenges, your competitor landscape and constraints. We have  become experts at building digital and inbound marketing strategies that deliver results that really matter.

We can help you:


  • Digital and inbound marketing strategy development
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Digital content and media development
  • Paid, social and organic traffic generation
  • Digital ROI measurement and improvement consulting
  • Email and Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Have a Digital project?

Digital and inbound marketing strategy development

We begin by listening to you first. Every business has had a unique journey so far and is looking forward to a special destination. Our in-depth research sessions help us understand these details which then help us lay out a digital roadmap that’s ideal for you. The key areas we study before we create a strategy include your:

  • Existing digital strategy
  • Existing traffic sources, trends and related metrics
  • Buyer personas
  • Competitor landscapes
  • Business goals, short- and long-term priorities
  • Market’s trends, peculiarities, opportunities and dynamics
  • Current buyer journeys
  • Entire digital content

What we deliver is a comprehensive digital strategy that covers your buyer’s journey from awareness (top of the funnel) to advocacy (bottom of the funnel). We also provide an implementation plan that supports this strategy, with timelines, resource requirements and approximate costs so you are now in the driver’s seat leading your business’s digital destiny.

Website development and maintenance

It’s amazing how many websites are basically beautiful electronic brochures. Meaning, these sites look great but are not functional. We could bring your website alive and convert it into a lead / sales generation engine making positive and measurable contributions to your business’s top line. We start any web development project by first auditing your existing website. Unlike most free tool-based audits available, our website audits are business performance focussed. For instance, the ideal TTFB (Time to First Byte) and overall site download time for an eCommerce website is far different from that of a news magazine style website. Once we are tightly aligned on the ‘what’, the ‘how’ becomes easy. 

Depending on your business needs, we could offer one or more of the services below:

  • Brand new website development 
  • Website migration 
  • Website up-gradation 
  • Website rebranding 
  • eCommerce enablement 
  • Microsite development 
  • Contest site development 
  • Mobile app development 
  • Website augmentation 
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Digital content and media development

A recent study by Nielsen indicates that most American adults spend over 11 hours on an average day consuming media content. Close to 50% of this content is digital. Is your brand message drowning in this overwhelming deluge of content?  We understand what it takes to communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time. We begin by understanding your brand archetype, tone and style of communication. If you don’t have one, we’ll develop it for you.  We then arrive at the appropriate content archetype that embodies your brand. Content developed through this filter would easily cut through the noise and compel your audience to take specific action. 

Our main offerings in this area include:

  • Writing website copy that converts 
  • Writing blogs that bring relevant and timely information to your audience 
  • Developing eBooks and downloadable white-papers that establish your authority in your industry and domain 
  • Developing social media communications (posts, tweets, #hashtags, etc.) that strike a chord with your audience 
  • Developing visual content that retains your audiences’ attention 
  • Developing video content that nudges your prospects down the sales funnel 
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Paid, social and organic traffic generation

Every traffic source has its own pro and cons. For instance; 

  • Paid traffic can be quick and very conversion focused, but it comes at a high cost and lasts for as long as your ad budget does. 
  • Social traffic takes time to develop and may not always be conversion ready. This traffic also tends to be seasonal and a bit unpredictable.  
  • Organic traffic is relatively inexpensive and could have a very a high ‘buy’ intent. But it also takes a while to develop this traffic source. As long as you are playing by Google’s rules, you will see a steady increase in organic traffic without having to do too much. 

Depending on your circumstances, one channel may be more efficient than the other. One channel may also feed into another and the scenario may change every few months. We begin by studying your core products and services, identifying relevant keywords that are conversion focused and understanding what your competitors are up to.

Services we provide in the area of website traffic generation include:

  • Paid ad campaigns: Google Ads (Search, Display, Shopping, Video, and App), Facebook (Facebook native, audience network and messenger), Instagram (Instagram feed and stories), Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Organic social media campaigns: social media profile and channel development, social media messaging, social community building, social reputation management and customer support
  • Search Engine Optimization: Technical SEO, Content SEO, Off-page SEO, Local SEO, Video SEO 
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Digital ROI measurement and improvement consulting

Do you know which sources of traffic to your website are impacting conversions and sales? How much should you invest per channel of traffic acquisition and when do you pivot? Our integrated analytics and CRM engine provide these answers.  

  • We track your website visitor’s journey down the conversion funnel  
  • We can tell you precisely when someone visited your website, and when they downloaded an ebook  
  • Once a sale is made or a ‘qualified lead’ is generated, we can connect the dots all the way back to the channel of acquisition and campaign. 

This helps us understand your end-to-end conversion cost, per channel, per campaign and thus we arrive at the actual ROI of your marketing efforts. John Wanamaker once said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”.  Now we not only know which half is working, we can also predict future trends.  This save us a lot of trouble as we can plan budgets and strategies ahead of time knowing what to expect.  

Our ROI improvement consulting services include:

  • Identification of anonymous website visitors 
  • Making budget allocation recommendations based on ROI per channel 
  • Lead scoring recommendations based on prospect’s online behaviour 
  • Making content marketing recommendations based on buyer journeys 
  • Generating monthly ROI status and lead progress reports 
  • Setting up notification triggers linked to your leads’ online behaviour 

Email and Marketing Automation

Of all B2B customer acquisition channels, email marketing continues to be the highest ROI generator. Leveraging the hyper personalization that marketing automation offers, you could stretch your marketing dollars even further.  

We have the expertise in developing CASL and GDPR compliant just in time personalized email programs. Through our automation solutions, you are sure of saying the right thing at the right time to the right prospect, always. Our email and marketing automation services include: 

  • Dynamic email template development 
  • Transactional email development 
  • Drip marketing campaigns 
  • Lead nurture campaigns 
  • Newsletter campaigns 
  • Email campaigns for off-line events 
  • Integrated marketing automation solutions 
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Conversion Rate Optimization

A website visitor may take a variety of actions on your website ranging from subscribing to your newsletter (Top of Funnel) to making a purchase (Bottom of Funnel). Each of these ‘actions’ are conversion points that can be continually improved. A subtle change on your webpage such as changing the position of a button or rewording a button from ‘Submit’ to ‘Get a quote now’ can make a huge difference to the leads and sales you generate. 

We help you optimize every such conversion point shortening the prospects journey from discovery to purchase. Multiple small iterations in a variety of areas tend to quickly snowball into a noticeably large impact on your end objectives; whether it is getting more opt-ins to your email list or increasing sales.  Our process involves setting up split and multivariate tests at the backend. We also implement heat maps to track on-page click and scroll patterns. The website visitor data that we gather via these systems, combined with other user metrics such as bounce rates, time on page, etc. help us quickly determine what’s working well and what isn’t.  

Our Conversion rate optimization services include: 

  • Building and/or optimizing landing pages 
  • Building and/or optimizing specific sections of your website such as your blog 
  • Building incremental lead capture forms  
  • Developing conversion funnels  
  • Implementing real time and automated chat solutions 
  • Implementing push notifications 
  • Developing exit intent and FOMO popups 
  • Implementing phone call tracking solutions 
  • Implementing qualitative website feedback programs

Have a Digital project?

Our unique differentiators:


Integrated Marketing

We have more than two decades of experience bringing brands to consumers within retail and experiential environments in North America. We have delivered stellar results for major brands such as Canadian Tire, Exodus Travels, GoodLife Fitness, Sobeys and Nestle to name a few. This has given us a very intimate understanding of the typical North American buyer’s persona and buying journey across industries, in both B2C and B2B environments. In other words, we understand your client (or your client’s end client in a B2B scenario) way better than most other digital marketing agencies out there.

This helps us build integrated marketing programs that deliver results that could far exceed your expectations. For instance, we developed an integrated marketing program for GoodLife Fitness that linked over 50 live in-person events across Canada with GoodLife’s digital lead gen microsite. Combining in-person events with Facebook retargeting ads helped us exceed last years’ lead gen numbers while lowering our blended cost per lead.

Expert execution

While we are marketers at heart, we are skilled project managers and expert implementers. Our delivery team is comprised of professionals who have the right skill sets and years of experience delivering consistent results. Some of the qualifications we bring to your program include:

  • HubSpot Inbound Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Google Ads Certification
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification
  • Facebook PRO Agency Partner Program
  • SharpSpring Agency Partner Program

Depending on your digital program with us, you could have a dedicated account manager / strategist assigned to your account. Our program delivery model includes weekly/ monthly status calls, streamlined communication systems (support tickets), work back schedules and structured reporting. This helps you stay in the loop of how things are progressing, always.

Flexible programs and engagement models

Once we assess your business goals, your digital marketing maturity and budgets, we would recommend the ideal program mix that would work for you. For instance,  

  • If your website is a static electronic brochure, we may recommend an upgrade along with a monthly SEO bundle.
  • If your website is well structured and attracts the right traffic,
    we may suggest a program that involves conversion optimization, marketing automation and CRM implementation to improve your leads throughput. 
  • If you want to boost your lead gen with a one-time program,
    we may recommend a contest micro-site blended with live event programs to deliver results

Flexible engagement models:

  • Once we believe we are a mutual fit, we can always workout our pricing model that fits your budget.
  • We are very comfortable working with your in-house systems, tools and in-house digital teams. If you live on Slack and Google drive so shall we. If you are a dedicated Microsoft shop, we can live with that too.
  • Provided there is no conflict of interest, we are also comfortable collaborating with other agencies that you may already have empaneled.


While we bring our marketing expertise, we believe you know your business way better than we ever will. This keeps us humble and open to learning. For instance, our content generation process begins with interviewing your subject matter experts. While you provide the ‘what’, we edit, modify and massage your raw content to produce compelling webpages. At the same time, we upskill you on cutting edge marketing tactics and best practices.

For instance, we will explain why certain words need to be used on your ad copy, and H1 tags. We will show you where your prospects are dropping off the conversion funnel and why. This sort of transparency and mutual trust has helped us move up from ‘one off’ engagement to becoming the agency of record for several major brands.

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